Final Fantasy Tracker

Hello and welcome to the Final Fantasy Randomizer Tracker! (better name pending)

In the future, there will be options here to customize your tracker. In the meantime, I have preconfigured a tracker for the current league.

Click a link below to open the tracker you'd like to use in a right-size window.

Everything, everywhere

Lich's Low Limit Tables

Spring Tournament 2020 ( EarthFireWaterAirChaos/Brackets)

Onrac Summer Vacation 2019 ( EarthFireWaterAirChaos)

How to use:

Click on something to toggle it.

The chests correspond to the "loose" items.

If you have any questions, contact @seelie fae on the discord.

Treasure icons are made by Freepik from, and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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