Network Customizer V2.01 build 24
A tool to manage your experience of navigating the networks
by seeliefae, in association with Dr. Starscream and the Edge Case Collective. Sponsored by Higureya Enterprises.
Copyright (C) Bumpy Lumpy Productions, Ltd., 1987, 1993, 2001, 2002. This is free software.


This program presented without warranty. Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible if you go somewere weird and get overloaded with viruses. Any damage you do to your equipment or your Navi might just be permanent, huh... Customize responsibly.

Oh, and you'll have to provide your own PET BIOS... the North American production release of version 2 will do nicely...

Comments, questions? Discussion of the game and its development is happening on the Edge Case Collective's Discord server: